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2006 — Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY — Master of Fine Art in Painting
2004 — Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY — Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting


Solo Exhibitions

2017 — (Scheduled from May) Hijo Nam: Contemporary Sharman at Today’s Museum, Beijing China
2015 — Hijo Nam In Dialog with Greek History, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
2015 — Hijo Nam: Circular, Donopoulos International Fine Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
2015 — Hijo Nam: Objects Trouves, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Crete, Greece
2013 — Cycles, Gabarron Foundation, New York, NY
2013 — Intricate Strata, Tenri Gallery, New York, NY
2012 — The Sound of Soul, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2011 — Cycle of Trace, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2011 — Nostalgia in Peaceful Movement, Riverside Gallery, Hackensack, NJ
2011 — Cityscapes, Pacific Fine Art (Red Dot NYC), New York, NY
2009 — Color in Nature, Intermezo Gallery of Bergen PAC, Englewood, NJ
2009 — Shadow Light, White Hall Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2008 — Opening Atelier, North Bergen, NJ
2008 — Figures in Nature, Riverside Gallery, Hackensack, NJ
2007 — Flowers & Landscapes”, FGS Gallery, Englewood, NJ
2006 — My Passage, Steuben East Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2006 — Art Expo, Convention Center B#267, New York, NY
2004 — Graduating Show, Pratt Gallery 245, Brooklyn, NY
2000 — Asian Presents, Korean Cultural Center, New York, NY
1999 — Figures with Watercolor, Arapahoe Community College, Littleton, CO

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 — Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Museum of Vladivostok, Vladivostok, Russia
2016 — Egypt – Korea Contemporary Art , National Academy of Art, Cairo, Eygpt
2016 — Korean Contemporary Art and Lecture, National Library and Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt
2015 — Korean Flux, House of Cyprus, Athens, Greece
2015 — Art Athina, Athens, Greece
2014 — Shades of time, Archive of Korean American Artists, Queens Museum, Queens, New York
2014 – Shades of time, An exhibition from the Archive of Korean American Artists, Part 1-11, Korean Cultural Center, New York, NY
2014 — KCHF, Queens Town Hall, Flushing, NY
2014 — KIAF Seoul, Tenry Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013 — Gusangjeon, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2013 — Stroll, Queens Town Hall, Flushing, NY
2013 — Korea Indonesia 40 Years Amity, National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta
2013 — Korean Contemporary Plastic Artists, Insa Art Center, Seoul Korea
2013 — J’adore Leslie Cheung, Moon Gallery, Hong Kong
2012 — Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation, Elga Wimmer Gallery, NY, NY
2012 — Line & Color, 2012 Yeosu Expo World’s Fair, Yeosu, Korea
2012 — Red Dot Art Fair NYC, Fine Art International, NY, NY
2012 — Modern Plastic Artist Exhibition, Taiwan University, Taiwan
2012 — Fountain Art Fair, Fine Art International, New York, NY
2012 — Asian Variation, Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York, NY
2011 — Korean Modern Plastic Artist Exhibition, Consulate Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 — Together, Sea Jae Phil Museum, Philadelphia, PA
2011 — Pyungtack International Art Fair, Pyungtack Art Hall, Kyungkido, Korea
2011 — Color & Line Group Show, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2011 — Memory, ElgaWimmer Gallery, New York, NY
2011 — Korean Modern Artists, International Center, New York, NY
2011 — Scope New York, New York, NY
2010 — Hotel Art Fair, Asan Galley, Onyang, Korea
2010 — Art Hamptons2010, BridgeHampton, New York
2010 — Color & Line 29th Show, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2010 — Mastaz 16th Exhibition, New Art Center, Tyoko, Japan
2010 — Figurative Exhibition of Gusangjeon, Sung-Nam Art Center, Kyungki-do, Korea
2010 — Vermont Residency Show, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont
2009 — The Four Women’s Exhibition, Naraha Gallery, Fort Lee, NJ
2009 — Nebura Contemporary Artists Show, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan
2008 — Art & Poetry, Multimedia Center, Palisades Park, NJ
2008 — 10 Artists, Yerang Gallery, Palisades Park, NJ
2008 — Englewood Create, Dwight Morrow High School, Englewood, NJ
2008 — Life Recycle, Beacon Hall, Jersey City, NJ
2008 — Summer Show, Multimedia Center Gallery, Palisades Park, NJ
2008 — It’s Only Nature, Victory Art Project, Jersey City, NJ
2007 — Without Boundary, Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2006 — Korean Artists Annual Show, New York, NY
2006 — Abstraction, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, NY
2005 — Korean Art Festival, New York, NY
2004 — Korean Artists New York Association, 204 Gallery, New York, NY
2003 — Korean American Painting Show, JoongAng Broadcast, Los Angeles, CA
2002 — Calendar Show Cho-hyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2001 — Neo Figurative Painting Group Show, Dan sung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1999 — Neo Figurative Painting Group Show, Dan sung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1998 — Oriental Painting Group Show, Hangaram Gallery in Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1998 — Watercolor Group Show, Hangaram Gallery in Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

AWARDS & Professional Affiliations

2015 — Granted Residency for The Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece
2015 — Granted for Lecture and Exhibition, Greece
2012 — Congeniality Award from Jeremiah T. Healy, Mayor of the Jersey City, NJ
2010 — Special Selection of the 40th Gusang Grand Art Competition, Seoul Korea
2009 — Special Selection of the 39th Grand Art Competition of The Figurative Art Competition of Korean Fine Arts
2009 — Gold Medal of the16thMathdaz International Art Competition Japan, Tokyo, Japan
2010 — Granted Full Fellowship Residency by Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont
2009 — Final winner and featured artist and shown on the front page of the website
2008 — Notable mention of the 45th Kyung-Ki Competition, Kyungki-Do, Korea
2008 — Special Selection, Sochi Fine Arts Competition, Jindo, Korea
2005 — Honorary Citation from Jeremiah T. Healy, Mayor of the City of Jersey City
2003 — Notable mention, Korea Oriental Painting National Competition, Seoul, Korea
2003 — Special selection, Korean American 100 Anniversary Celebration of immigrant Show, LA, CA
2002 — Special Award, Haeng-Joo Traditional Art National Competition
2001 — Gold Medal for contribution to art communication from Mayor Bret Shundler of Jersey City in New Jersey

Published Articles & Reviews

2015 — Published Articles & Reviews: Pamphlet ‘Green Spirit’, Pamphlet ‘Objets Trouves’, Pamphlet ‘Korean Flux’
2014 — Interview Articles and Images of Work of the ‘Artcritic’ on December 2015
2014 — Interview Articles and Image of Works on ‘Korea Times’
2014 — Reported and Pressed 25 times of the Newspapers, Art Magazines, and TV
2013 — Interview Articles and Art Works of the ‘’ on June
2013 — Interview Articles and Art Works of the ‘d’Art International’ on June
2013 — Interview Articles of the ‘’ on July 
2013 — Articles and Art Works of the ‘Asia News Journal’
2013 — Pamphlet ‘Cycles’
2012 — Pamphlet ‘The Sound of Soul’
2012 — Culture & Life of the monthly housing magazine ‘Housing Journal’ on August
2012 — on the front page of the ‘The Financial Review’ on July 2012
2011 — Published catalogues ‘Cycle of Trace’
2011 — Artwork and interview, on front cover &6 pages articles of monthly art magazine ‘Culture Ocean’ on October
2011 — Painting image on the front page of the ‘Modern Buddhism’ on February
2011 — Interview articles on P16- P21 of the ‘Modern Buddhism’ on April
2009 — Painting image on the front page of the ‘Catholic Disest Korea’ on Aguest
2009 — Artwork and articles reported on the TV at ‘NY1 News’ on December
2009 — Artwork image on the front page of the ‘Financial Review’ on February
2009 — Articles and five painting images on section of Art and Culture of the ‘Leaders Times’ on February
2008 — Review and article on Korea Daily in February
2008 — ‘Art & Poetry’ by Multimedia Center, Palisade Park, New Jersey in December
2007 — Published Catalogue of art work, ‘Flowers & Landscapes’ (other Multi-times of articles and reviews on newspapers and art magazines)

2006 Pratt Institute 대학원 회화과 석사
2004 Pratt Institute 회화과 학사

기획 및 초대 개인전
2016 (예정) 금일미술관,베이징,중국
2015 그리스역사속에서의 남희조의 대화,테살로니키 고고학 박물관 테살로니키, 그리스
2015 남희조: 순환, 도노폴로스 인터네셔널 파인아트 갤러리 테살로니키, 그리스
2015 남희조: 오브제 트로우브스,크레타 현대박물관 크리트, 그리스
2013 순환, 가바론 파운데이션, 뉴욕 (맨하탄)
2013 지층들, 텐리갤러리뉴욕 (맨하탄)
2012 영혼의 소리, 예술의 전당, 서울 (서초동)
2011 여정, 서울인사동 인사아트센터 (인사동)
2011 도시풍경 전 바운더리, 퍼시픽 파인아트, 레드 닷 페어 뉴욕, 맨하탄 (소호)
2010 자연풍경화전 꽃과 자연 파인아트 갤러리 (마이애미)
2010 숲으로 가는길, 저지시티홀, 미국 뉴저지 (져지시티)
2009 자연의 색, 인터메조갤러리, 뉴져지 (앵그로우드)
2008 풍경이 있는 도심, 화이트홀 갤러리, 서울 (서초동)
2008 오픈 마이 아틀리에, 뉴저지 (노스 버겐)
2008 자연속의 형상, 리버사이드 갤러리, 뉴저지 (헤켄색)
2007 향수, KCC 갤러리 뉴져지 (앵글루우드)

주요 단체전
2014 시간의 그늘, 미국의 한국작가들의 아카이브, 퀸즈뮤지엄 퀸즈, 뉴욕
2014 시간의 그늘, 미국의 한국작가들의 아카이브, Part 1-11, 한국문화원 뉴욕, 뉴욕
2014 한국문화재단작가회, 퀸즈 타운홀 플러싱, 뉴욕
2014 KIAF Seoul, 텐리 갤러리 서울, 대한민국
2013 구상전 , 서울한가람미술관(에술의전당) 서울, 대한민국
2013 산책, 플러싱타운홀, 뉴욕(플러싱)
2013 한국인도네시아 수교 40 주년기념전, 인도네시아국립예술대학교 (자카르타)
2013 한국현대회화제, 서울예술의 전당
2012 한국과 타이완 오늘의 예술, 타이완국립예술대학교 (타이페이)
2012 현대조형작가회 회원전, 의정부예술의전당 (의정부)
2012 선과색회원전, 여수아트엑스포 (여수)
2012 한국과 대만예술의 현재, 대만예술대학교, 대만 (타이페이)
2012 제 4차원의 세계, 파운튼 아모리, 뉴욕 (맨하탄)
2011 아시안 팔색전, 첼시뮤지엄 (Chelsea Museum), 뉴욕맨하탄 (첼시)
2011 한국현재조형작가회터키교류전 터키 총영사관갤러리, 터키 (이스탄불)
2011 선과색 30주년 회원전, 인사아트센터 (서울)
2011 추억의 길, 엘가윔머갤러리, 뉴욕 (맨하탄)
2011 뉴욕현대미술회원전, 인터내셔널센터, 뉴욕맨하탄 (첼시)
2011 투게더, 서재필기념관, 미국 (필라델피아)
2011 스콥 뉴욕, 수유아트, 뉴욕 맨하탄 (첼시)
2011 제40회 구상공모대전, 성남아트센터, 경기도 (성남시)
2010 제39회 구상공모대전, 성남아트센터, 경기도 (성남시)
2010 선과색 정기전, 인사아트센터, 서울 (인사동)
2010 일본 신미술 39회공모대전, 동경교통회관, 일본 (도오쿄)
2010 아트햄튼 2010, 스프링갤러리, 뉴욕 롱아일랜드 (브릿지햄튼)
2009 일본 네부라 현대미술작가회전, 동경 현대미술관, 일본 (사이타마)
2009 중앙일보사 추천 여류작가 4인전, 서울대학교 동문회 후원
2009 나라갤러리, 뉴저지 (포트리)
2008 인생의 순환들, 비컨홀, 뉴저지 (저지시티)
2007 경계를 넘어, 레녹스 컨템퍼러리 갤러리, 캐나다 (토론토)

수상경력및 작품소장
2012 미국 뉴저지 시 미술공로 표창
2012 제40회 구상전 특선
2011 제39회 구상전 특선
2010 미국버몬트 아트스튜디오 레지던시 풀스칼라쉽
2010 제 16회 일본 마쓰다츠 동경미술대전 금상
2009 미국아트스페이스 올해의 우수작가
2008 제45회 경기도미술대전 문인화 입상

직업적 경력
2005 월터 위카이저 갤러리 큐레이터
2005-6 미국프랫미술대학교 크리스 라이트교수 조교
2007-8 뉴저지버겐카운티커뮤니티센터 아트디렉터 (미국 뉴저지)

전업작가, 서양화, 조각, 설치, 도자기
(미국) 레드닷페어 (아시안아트 에이전시)
(미국) 뉴욕현대미술작가회원
(미국) 한국문화재단소속작가회 회장
한국현대조형작가회 회원
한국미술협회 구상전 회원
한국선과색 회원

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